Sunday, November 30, 2008

sucky hoiladays!!

A few resons I dont like the hoiladays, 1. all a lone aint ni fun being off work when your alone, 2. what family I do what to see 1. my boy (he's 2 1/2 yrs) lives with his mom she controls every thing which means I only get to see him when she wants, 2. mom ,sis her kids, grandma aunt etc. live 4 hrs away And Im to lazy to drive that far, cars not much not sure it whould even make it! You know you aint got much of a life when you cant wait to get back to work!! lonleyness SUCKS!!! But have to press on even though dont feel much like it. Man come to think of it I hate sleeping a lone!! Thats also a BIG empty feeling(SUCKS). Oh well just one of those things, just another day, got to hang in here my kid may need me some day and I plan on being there if he ever does. Shit who knows my true love may be right around the corner, HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!! well thats all for now, get to work tomarrow, yeppy!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

lonlely, lost and dont fit in this place at all !!

Wow been lonley all weekend, cant wait to go back to work. 35 yrs old been with way to many women still end up lonley. Got one kid whom I hardly ever get to see, shit not good. Whats going on in this whorld is be on me. What the hell happened this election, Not only is my life a mess, now I'm affraid for our nation, hell it was allready in bad shape, now what? Shit surposed to be the best country in the world, use to be, now Im trying to think what next? All I can think is HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! But theres no one to help! Since the election i fell like a man without a country! HELP!! No help though. Is there any one left in this country that feels like me? Doubt it. Is there any women who wants a poor hard wooking rough neck country boy, doubt it, hell is there any good ol boys out there besides me? Just aint cool no more. I'd love to find a good ol girl, shit all women want is money, or to be tough like men. money isnt every thing. hell they sold our country down the river. Aint even hardly anything made in the usa.Are we still USA?? Dont seem like it. Kids are mean, women hate men, the new Pres. dont even show respect for America. HELP!!! HELP!!! Lost dont know what to do, miss the old days, when women was soft, sweet, surportive, kids minded, and men worked hard, loved there kids and woman. Gone, HELP!!!!!!!! glad my grandpa didnt see this election, wow. HELP!!!!!! Has this world went mad, dont no one remember 9-11? Fear god, love your lady, take care of you kids, take pride in your job, BE A REAL MAN!! What happend. HELP!! If anyone has any answers I'm all ears. From an out of date hard woorking rough neck country boy, Rog

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wanta get you Ex Back

Do you miss your Ex? Are you just not ready to give up on the relationship? I think just about all of us has been there at one time or another. For me it was tough, I realy had no clue what to do. a break up seems to leave you dazed and confused, messes with your whole life, your work, even your sleep, you think only if we could get back together my life would go back to normal, well heres a guy who can help,Click Here! , hope you get what you want, Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hey guys if you like music, movies, games,or even tv shows, heres the place to check out! Me, myself, I love music, and enjoy laying around on the couch watching a good moive. This place has over 100million files to search, download, and burn, Click Here! , have fun and enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

why pay a power bill?

You know, Ive been looking for my own power sourcefor years. Im tired of high power bills, some fool wrecking his car down the road and knocking my power out, or the big storm hits, BAM, no power, there you are waiting for the power dude to turn your power back on, I HATE THAT. I seen a presidental canidate talking about allturnitive power, nuculer, What a bomb, not realy but thats what comes to my mind, RADIATION, oh no I dont think so, there is better was to get engery, I think this can help, Click Here! , hope you find as interasting as I did.

better way of powering your car

with the way gas prices are how come no one is helpping find a better way? well some people are, but oil companys, and our goverment is offering to tell us!! But here is one way to help us poor people save on our gas expenses, and help our enviroment.Click Here! , hopfuly this will help with the energey crises!!